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Defy Theatre

Review on The LA Beat:

Monica Ricketts as Ilse, Moritz’ long lost childhood friend, who has chosen to live the life of a Bohemian, only appears in two scenes to lead him away from his humdrum, yet hellish existence.  But suffice it to say:  I’m pretty sure she has a *bionic* voice the likes of which could sandblast houses and peel paint off walls from ten blocks away—in only the most complimentary of senses. (Yes, yes Lindsey Wagner would be exceedingly envious!)  So if you need your house or walls sandblasted/de-painted in the most euphonious of fashions, I’m sure the producer could give you her information."


Review on StageSceneLA:

Monica Ricketts’ powerful voice makes her gorgeous solos in “The Dark I Know Well” and “The Song Of Purple Summer” standouts."


Cupcake Theater

Review on


Hope was impressive in her near-impersonation of the original Broadway performance (not always the right choice, but in this case, it worked beautifully, especially during "Follow Your Heart")."

SHREK THE MUSICAL Brings Romance and Twisted Fairy Tale Characters to Life in Simi Valley


Monica Ricketts is a wonder as the soulful, romantic singer and tap dancing Princess Fiona."


Much Ado About Shrek
Simi Valley Acorn

Princess Fiona, is played by Monica Ricketts, who makes her ARTS debut with this show. Ricketts is used to Disneyfied parts, having performed with Disney Cruise Lines, and she is charming in the role, departing from the more demure nature of the animated character to add a little Patti LuPone feistiness to the role."

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